Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 7

Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 7

Week 7 was the letter U. We also did some work on body parts, shapes, and counting to 20.

Lots of letter U worksheets! One each school day this week. We found a new resource this week! The top right worksheet is from This Reading Mama and is a lot of fun! Really great phonics practice!

We did a page of happy/sad faces from Leapfrog. She has a LeapPad game with these characters and had a lot of fun making happy & sad faces for them! We also practiced tracing shapes, then drawing her own. Body parts matching with clothes. The last is counting 0-20. We’re still working through the teens. She is still struggling to get them in the right order but she’s getting better!

This coming week is the letter L. We’ll be doing more counting practice, animal habitats, and a matching game. She’s getting very, very excited for spring so I printed several of her sheets in spring themes this week! I’m searching for some other new spring themed worksheets for the next several weeks.


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